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5 Online Essentials When Starting A New Practice

You can be the best doctor in the world but if patients don't know you exist you are not maximizing your ability. Emphasizing marketing from the get-go will dramatically accelerate how quickly your practice becomes successful.

When it comes to your online presence there are a lot of different platforms and strategies available. I have outlined 5 online essentials you should implement when starting a new practice.

1. Website

It is pretty much a given that you need a website. But everyone has a website. So yours need to stand out among the crowd to convert website visitors into high-value patients!

How do you make your website stand out?

  • Beautiful layout and responsive design (optimized for mobile phone)

  • Great images of staff and your practice

  • Social media integration

  • Highly informative and useful content

In addition to standing out with a beautiful design, your website should be integrated with online appointments to make it easier for both patients and reception staff.

You should also keep SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. Your website should rank on the top of Google for important keywords.

2. Google My Business

When a patient searches for a doctor/dentist on Google they are presented with a couple of options based on proximity. For your practice to be shown you need to have a Google My Business listing.

Your Google My Business also shows your reviews, photos, opening hours, contact details as well as other information about your practice. It is important to keep it updated.

Setting up your practice on Google My Business is essential.

3. Social Media

Facebook (+ Instagram) is a great platform to develop an online patient community and attract new patients.

With a small budget, you can reach potential patients who are looking for a doctor/dentist in your area.

4. Local Directories

You can submit your practice’s information to hundreds of online directories. Much like Google Maps, these listings can help increase your web traffic and search engine ranking. Some of these directories are more valuable than others. For example:

Or doctor specific ones including:

5. Google Ads

When starting a new practice your website will be on the back pages of Google and instead of waiting for organic growth over time, you can dramatically boost your awareness by running a Google Ads campaign.

With Google Ads you set a daily budget from which a certain amount (the cost per click) is deducted every time someone clicks on your ad. This enables you to effectively spend as little or as much as you like.

Practice Boost specialises in helping healthcare practices take their online presence to the next level with stunning websites and effective digital marketing.

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